Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gelek Punggung Depan Rumah Ambiga

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macamacam said...

Syabas veteran tentera. Ambiga kacau privasi rakyat, kita kacau privasi mike pula. Dan aktiviti ni boleh diteruskan di halaman Anwar, Assmin, Tian Chua, Lim Guan Eng @ Lim Kit Siang Malam dan yang sealiran dengannya... Hidup tentera Malaysia..Hidup tentera malaysia...Hidup tentera Malaysia..agi idup agi ngelaban

Anonymous said...

Wht nonsense. Wonder how stupid ppl can be sometimes..

Anonymous said...

please, to this anonymous above me here, you all the so called bersih supporters, those stupid people are those with bersih. the BN government wanted to handle this using the law of the round table, to discuss it peacefully, well, the people like denied, don't want to discuss it on a round table basis, the bershit people wanted to show their intelligence, but pity, actions do speak louder than words, you speak intelligent, but your action is bloody stupid. so, these veterans used the phrase "lawan api dengan api", but in this case, "fight shit with shit", thats why they did that to ambiga. she's playing the game with shit, so these veterans replied with her own language, that is shit, so that she would understand.

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