Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A fiery speech by Nik Aziz as Pengkalan Kubor polls draw near

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Datuk Seri Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat last night led thousands of Pengkalan Kubor voters in a prayer calling for Umno to repent from its un-Islamic ways.
He told a crowd at a mammoth ceramah in Kampung Geting, Pengkalan Kubor, that Umno and PAS could not see eye-to-eye because the Malay-based party was only concerned with amassing wealth.
“Let us pray that God opens their hearts, so that they regret their actions and support the sanctity of Islam,” said the influential spiritual leader as he ended his speech.
“Otherwise, let God slice their tongues, so that they speak nothing but the truth, or blind their eyes, so that they see nothing but the moon.”
Nik Aziz repeated the words in Arabic slowly, allowing the crowd to recite the prayer after him.
He had in his speech said that PAS fought with Umno as the Islamist party was concerned with spiritual matters, such as earning rewards from God and entering paradise.
“This is why we fight with Umno. Because Umno only cares about things. Everything is about money. Isn’t there anything else to them?
“When Umno rejects Islam, then the concept of life after death does not enter their heads. And when that happens, they don’t care about committing a sin because they think everything will be over once they die.”
Islamic concepts such as the afterlife and halal and haram were a common theme among the speakers in last night’s mega ceramah, which showcased only PAS leaders.
Siang failed to show up, despite posters for the ceramah stating they would be among the speakers alongside Nik Aziz and PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.
The slots for the two Pakatan Rakyat supremoes were replaced by Kelantan PAS information chief Datuk Mohd Nasruddin Daud, PAS information chief Datuk Mahfuz Omar, PAS Wanita chief Siti Zailah Mohd Yusof, and PAS vice-president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.
When approached by reporters afterwards over their allies’ no-show, Mahfuz refused to comment, while Hadi avoided waiting pressmen.
Earlier in the night, Nasruddin, Tuan Ibrahim and Hadi each reminded the crowd that God and the angels would watch over them as they voted this September 25. 
“With Malays, when we say amanah (trust) they think about amassing money, wealth, property. That’s all,” said Hadi.
“They don’t realise that the biggest amanah is to become a leader and to choose a leader.”
Nasruddin told the crowd that they must “remember death… remember to vote for an Islamic party”.
“We cannot vote for a party that makes it halal (permissible) to gamble… if we vote for the dacing, we will have sinned even if we do not gamble,” he said, referring to the logo on Barisan Nasional’s flag.
Meanwhile, PAS candidate Wan Rosdi Wan Ibrahim (pic,right) spoke very little during his allocated slot, despite the fact that the Pengkalan Kubor by-election was only two days away.
In his speech, which barely lasted five minutes, Wan Rosdi, did not touch upon his plans for Pengkalan Kubor should he become its representative.
Instead, he merely urged the crowd to vote for PAS this Thursday, and to persuade their relatives to return and cast their ballots for “the moon.”
“God willing, if we all mark the moon, we will achieve victory.”
He also reminded the voters not to share their identity cards with anyone as this could lead to electoral fraud.


Anonymous said...

Yeah RITE TGNA.....

Ore PAS rama hok duk kejar pitis mu dok napok ko? Kayo rayo dan perasan kayo pun rama.

Anonymous said...

Menipu nombor Wahid. Barlagak jumud nombor Wahid......

Orang PAS kala buleh kuasa duit dikejar dulu

Kalau tak dapat kuasa... Tin MILO ditadah dulu

Anonymous said...

Calun pas kontrator tak kejar pitis ke? Baik calun BN yg menyemarakkan syiar islam dimana kata umno membelakangkan islam.

Unknown said...

Saya amat yakin Nik Aziz mempunyai dendam kesumat yang tak habis-habis terhadap UMNO. Entah apala agaknya yang dipohon dan diminta dari pihak UMNO suatu ketika dulu tetapi tidak berjaya diperolehi.... Tuduhan melalui penjelasan adalah samasekali merupakan fitnah.....mudah2an Tuhan terbalikkan permintaannya kepada diri pihak yang meminta itu sendiri. Amin.

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