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Discussing oil royalty is contempt of court, PAS tells Umno

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PAS today threatened to report Barisan Nasional (BN) for contempt of court if it continued to discuss the oil royalty issue during its campaign for the Pengkalan Kubor by-election.
"This royalty issue is pending in court. If any quarters bring it up, we will report it to the court," Kota Baru MP Takiyuddin Hassan told a press conference at the PAS operations centre in Pengkalan Kubor.

"The issues argued in court cannot be discussed in public as it can be considered contempt of court."
However, he defended his own party's continued use of the oil royalty issue during its ceramah, saying their statements on it were "general claims".
The oil royalty issue has become the main topic raised by both parties in the contest for the Pengkalan Kubor seat.
PAS is claiming that the BN-led federal government has deprived the Kelantanese people and state government of RM12 billion in oil royalty‎, and is using this as proof that BN is "evil".
Umno, in turn, has challenged the Kelantan government to show proof of its claim, with Tan Sri Muhyiddin saying that PAS's "slander" against them was a "huge sin".
"When we formed a committee to examine their claims, it was found that the area is being drilled by both Thailand and Malaysia, and it is more than three nautical miles away (from Kelantan's shores)," Muhyiddin told a press conference yesterday.
"‎According to the constitution and laws, if it is outside that area, it is not under the state government, but the federal government."
But Kelantan executive council member Datuk Nasrudin Daud told a ceramah last night that the Petroleum Development Act 1974 stipulates that the federal government must pay oil royalty to Kelantan.
"‎If we have no right, then why do they ask our permission (to drill oil in the area)? It has nothing to do with the three nautical miles.
"If oil is found offshore a state, a royalty of 0.5% must be paid," said Nasruddin.
The oil royalty claim has long been a contentious issue, and was raised during last year's general election as well.
In August 2010, the Kelantan government filed a lawsuit against Petronas for failing to pay it royalties. The government responded by setting up a special panel to look into the matter.
‎Takiyuddin said today that the state government would set up a committee to study the royalty claims.
‎He added that if BN insisted on raising the issue in its campaign, the state government may have to disclose more details and be at risk of subjudice.
"If the other side keeps bringing this up, we have no choice but to reveal the necessary data ‎to rebut the accusations.
"Right now, we are just explaining to the people in general why the Kelantan government is making the oil royalty claims. What do the oil royalties claim mean and how far has the issue progressed."


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