Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Late Pengkalan Kubor rep’s wish list to be fulfilled

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The late Pengkalan Kubor assemblyman Datuk Noor Zahidi Omar had presented a “wish list” for the upgrading of several stretches of roads and drains here to the Federal Government before his untimely passing.
Revealing this yesterday, Urban Wellbeing, Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan said Noor Zahidi had asked for allocation to be set aside to improve infrastructure in the state constituency.
“My ministry will carry out the work which Noor Zahidi had requested. This includes upgrading several stretches of roads and drains that will cost RM775,000.
“To put it simply, Barisan fulfils promises and this is a testament to it. Although Noor Zahidi is no longer with us, Barisan will ensure that what has been committed will be delivered,” he said during a walkabout here yesterday.
Noor Zahidi died on Aug 20 from liver cancer.
Delivering the good news to the Pengkalan Kubor folk, Abdul Rahman stressed however that this was not an election pledge.
“My ministry is merely fulfilling development request for the people in the constituency.
“It is important for the people to support Barisan if they want continuity in development and progress because the coalition has proven time and again that it delivers on pledges and promises,” he said.
Earlier, a gathering with villagers at a stall in Pantai Geting turned chaotic when somebody spotted a python nearby.
Luckily, Fire and Rescue Services Department personnel were present to catch the slithery visitor with the help of the minister and villagers.


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