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DAP Mula Angkuh Dengan Kejayaan Porak Peranda Melayu

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Grandpapa Dapster referred to PAS as a “zero” party despite its 1,600,000 members — see FMT today also.
You might be wondering how DAP can become so sombong.
Well, the reason for this overweaning arrogance in the developer’s party is because DAP is now rich and has got its own Malays in the pocket.
Thus the Dapsters running the show don’t feel that they need to pretend anymore to be nice (wear tudung, quote Quran, pura-pura puasa, praise Muslim caliphs and Islamic civilization) to the Malays whom they consider to be only country bumpkins that can be easily duped.
BELOW: The DAP Yang Berhormats are the picture of prosperity
round DAP yang berhormat

Malays on the DAP payroll

Most prominently, in terms of celebrity status, there is Dyana Sofea who is Kit Siang’s political secretary. Her ‘good friend’ Zairil Khir Johari – previously before he was elected a YB – served too as pol-sec to Guan Eng.
Zairil’s boss the DAP sec-gen has just very recently appointed another Malay to his staff — ex-air force pilot Major Zaidi Ahmad (below) is Guan Eng’s new information officer.
Some of the DAP Members of Parliament and state chiefs also have Malay pol-secs and special officers, in addition to being given municipal or city councilor posts. One of the aspects of UBAH is that these are now Malays, quasi Malays and Umno rejects who cari makan with DAP.
Guan Eng Zaidi

Malays that are “well taken care of” by the DAP

Other examples of DAP Malays — Syefura Othman aka Rara is a DAP project coordinator. Wan Hamidi Hamid is the head of Sekolah Demokrasi DAP.
There are the Roketkini boys who are also active in the social media promoting their party and the evangelista YBs. The DAP was at one time even willing to absorb niqab-covered Melati Rahim (below) for dunno what publicity purpose they put her to.
Umno Selangor info chief Zein Isma Ismail revealed that these Malays are well fed (“kebajikan mereka dijaga sepenuhnya”) by DAP.
Melati Rahim

Protun prepaid blogger now a DAP minion

Zein Isma said, “Ramai anak muda Melayu dilantik dalam organisasi DAP diberi imbuhan tetap”.
According to him, the DAP believes that putting Malays on its payroll “merupakan satu pelaburan yang amat berbaloi untuk jangka masa panjang”. Zein Isma cites self-professed “liberal” Azira Aziz, who is Hannah Yeoh’s aide, as one example of the DAP’s Melayu Baru investment.
BELOW: Azira seated across the table from Hannah Yeoh
Hannah Azira
Another Malay reporter reject (ejected from an Umno-owned media company and shunned by a state Umno Menteri Besar as well as by the PMO) has also jumped on the DAP bandwagon.
These are the Malay discards yang dipungut DAP because they have personality traits akin to the Red Beanies, i.e. pemfitnah tegar, penipu pandai menyamar dan pembohong yang suka berputar-belit.
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Malays lured to the Dark Side

DAP is arrogant because the party is currently able to afford hiring Malay rejects to do its dirty work, e.g. the Protun blogger who allows his platform to be used by his DAP handler to spread black propaganda to Malay rebel readers.
Looking at how this colluding Malay Protun blog has been successfully infiltrated to be infested with Cina bodoh sombong, the smug Dapsters think they can replicate this ‘takeover’ formula elsewhere in our political landscape.
After all, DAP is clearly Orang Kaya Baru; Lim Guan Eng for example has bought a multi-million ringgit big bungalow in a prime location in Penang.
And the nouveau riche City Harvesters now have in their palm the sacked-from-his-job Malay types who are willing to act more Cina than Cina and raising on a pedestal Singapore as a wonderful, meritocratic model (DAP is a PAP baby).
BELOW: Guan Eng’s spanking new Mercedes – acquired as his state car at a generous discount – had caused some controversy earlier too

Melayu pemberontak bergandingan bahu dengan Cina ultra

Thus the cash-laden DAP feels that it doesn’t need poor party PAS as an intermediary anymore to fish Malay votes.
In fact, DAP has gone a step further. In the past, the evangelical party had required PAS man Nizar Jamaluddin to front as the coalition MB in Perak even though DAP was the one with the most Aduns — DAP (18), PKR (7), PAS (6). In future, DAP can simply nominate its own Malay (likely Abdul Aziz Bari) as the Selangor MB.
After successfully hiring a clutch of Malays to work within the DAP set-up, the Dapsters today have acquired enough confidence to dismiss their erstwhile ally PAS as a non-entity — a “zero”.
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